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2001 ~ Heal The Kids, Rush Hour 2, Invincible Album, MTV Video Music Awards, Michael’s 30th Anniversary Concert, “What More Can I Give”, “You Rock My World”, Men In Black 2, NASDAQ, “Cry”, “Butterflies”

  • January :

Michael, Grace & the kids went back to the Four Seasons Hotel in NYC.

  • February 13 :

Michael hosted a party for Prince’s 4th birthday

  • February 14 :

Michael gave a press conference for Heal The Kids at the Carnegie Hall in New York with Shmuley Boteach & Frank Tyson.

  • March 4 :

Michael arrived in London on crutches after injuring his foot. He was accompanied by Frank Tyson.

  • March 5 :

Michael went shopping with Macauley Culkin in London before attending the launch party of Shmuley Boteach & Uri Geller’s book at the Royal Institute of British Architects.

  • March 6 :

Michael went to the Oxford University to give a moving speech about childhood. Frank, Uri, Schmuley & german business partner Dieter Wiesner attended the event.

  • March 7 :

Michael was Uri Geller’s best man at his wedding celebrated in the Berkshire by Schmuley Boteach.

Later that evening, Michael attended the tenth annual ‘Michael Jackson Day’ in London at the London Apollo Theater. The event was put on every year to celebrate the life and achievements of the greatest entertainer in musical history.
This year’s celebration was made all the more special because MJ himself actually made an appearance. At the end of the show Michael went on stage with his broken foot and said: ” The new album is two months away.. it will be incredible I can assure you. Thank you all for coming here. I am overjoyed and humbled by what I have seen here tonight.”

  • March 9-11 :

Michael spent the weekend in Austria before returning to New York .

  • March 10 :

Michael congratulated Janet through a recorded message during the MTV Icon Special honoring her.

  • March 19 :

N’Sync inducted Michael in the Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame as a solo artist during a special presentation at the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York.  Michael invited Frank and Shmuley Boteach as his guests.

  • March 21 :

Schmuley Boteach, Uri Geller & Michael met Isreali Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in NYC

  • March 25 :

Michael went to Newark, New Jersey with Frank & Schmuley to distribute books to children under Heal The Kids.

The Heal The Kids Foundation was later dismantled.

  • April-June :

Michael, Grace & the kids went to Miami where Michael completed the recording and mixing of his new album.

Michael met comedian Chris Tucker. Michael & Chris become friends and recorded a new version of “Don’t Stop Til You Get Enough” for the soundtrack of Rush Hour 2.

  • April 03 :

Michael hosted a party for Paris 3rd birthday.

  • June :

Michael hired F. Marc Schaffel and they created a new company Neverland Valley Entertainment with a common bank account.

  • June 12 :

Michael went to the Hit Factory studio in New York to presented his new album called Invincible to Sony executives. He wanted the song Unbreakable to be the first single but Sony insisted for the song You Rock My World and Michael accepted. He started to work on the video with director Hype Williams.

  • June 28 :

Michael got on stage at the end of the Summer Jam Concert festival in Long Island to hug rapper Jay-Z with whom he had just completed backgound vocals For his song Girls, Girls, Girls.

  • July :

Michael went to Miami with Bruce Sweden to complete the final mixing of Invincible.

Dissatisfied with the video concept of Hype Williams, Michael hired Paul Hunter to direct “You Rock My World”.

He started rehearsing for 2 concerts produced by David Gest and scheduled for September 7 & 10 in New York to Celebrates his 30th Anniversary as a solo artist.

  • August :

Michael started working on the video for Unbreakable with director Dave Meyers. He had a very visual concept and asked Lucas films Studio to take care of the special effects

  • August 9 :

In a Los Angeles dance studio, Michael started rehearsing a medley with his 5 brothers for the upcoming New York concerts.

  • August 13-21 :

Michael recorded the You Rock My World short film in Los Angeles directed by Paul Hunter, featuring Chris Tucker and a special appearance by Marlon Brando

  • August 24 :

After several leaks, the song “You Rock My World” was finally released to the radios.

  • August 30 :

Michael opens the stock exchange at NASDAQ on Times Square (NYC)

He was presented with a birthday cake.

  • September 6 :

Michael went to the Madison Square Garden to rehearse his duets with Britney Spears, Whitney Houston & N’Sync.

In the evening, he made a surprise appearance at the MTV Video Music Awards Ceremony to dance with N’Sync at the end of their performance.

  • September 7 :

All the biggest stars of music, films & sports gathered to attend his concert at the Madison Square Garden. Michael arrived late with Elizabeth Taylor and during the first part of the show he watched tribute performances of his songs by today’s biggest artist in a VIP section with all his family & friends: Joe, Katherine, Rebbie, Macauley Culkin, the Cascios, Gregory Peck, Mark Lester & many more, while other friends such as Liza Minelli or Marlon Brando paid him respect on stage.

During the second part of the show, Michael performed a live medley with the Jacksons (joined by N’Sync on Dancing Machine), + The Way You Make Me Feel in duet with Britney Spears, Billie Jean, Black Or White with Slash, You Rock My World & We Are The World with Quincy Jones, Yoko Ono and many stars.

After the concert, Michael attended an after party held at the Tavern On The Green.

  • September 10 :

Michael performed a second concert at the Madison Square Garden. At the end of You Rock My World, Usher & Chris Tucker got on the stage to dance with him.

  • September 11 :

Upon hearing of the terrorist attacks in New York , Michael ordered a bus for his family to return in California and limousines for his close friends. He left New York with Grace, Prince & Paris and they went to the Cascio family house in New Jersey

  • September 16 :

Michael announced that he is going to record the song What More Can I Give with many artists for the victims of the terrorist attacks in New York . The song was produced by Marc Schaffel for Neverland Valley Entertainment.

  • September 21 :

The video for “You Rock My World” premiered in Europe .

Michael recorded the song You Are My Life with John Mclain in Los Angeles and he likes it so much that he decided to add it at the last minute to the tracklist of Invincible

  • October 9 :

The single of “You Rock My World” was released in Europe

  • October 15 :

While Quincy Jones was promoting his autobiography On the Oprah Show, Michael called him on the phone to congratulate him.

Michael completed the recording of What More Can I Give.  The song included many artists such as Justin Timberlake, Usher, Beyonce, Mariah Carey, Celine Dion, Ricky Martin, Aaron & Nick Carter, Luther Vandross, Boys 2 Men, Gloria Estefan

  • October 16 :

Sony released special editions of Michael’s classic albums Off The Wall, Thriller, Bad & Dangerous with exclusive new materials (interview, demo & previously unreleased songs)

Michael recorded a scene for the movie Men In Black 2 directed by Barry Sonnefield where he played Agent M.

  • October 21 :

Michael was in Washington DC where he participated at a TV concert for the victims of September 11. He performed Man In The Mirror, and What More Can I Give with all the artists of the night (including Usher & Mariah Carey) Prince, Paris, Macauley Culkin, the Cascios, Kenny Ortega & Marc Shaffel attended the concert backstage.

  • October 22 :

Michael recorded a Spanish version of “What More Can I Give” called “Todo Para Ti”.

  • October 26 :

Michael participated in an online/audio chat with his fans hosted by Yahoo & Get Music.

  • October 30 :

Worldwide release of the album Invincible.

  • November 7 :

For the first time in his career, Michael made an appearance at the Virgin Megastore of Times Square in New York to promote and sign copies of Invincible. He was accompanied by Frank & Eddie Cascio, and his make up artist Karen Faye.

He also gave several interviews to the TV shows TRL (MTV), Entertainment Tonight (CBS) et 106th & Park (BET)

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  • November 12 :

Michael was on the cover of TV Guide with an exclusive interview and pictures.

Entertainment Tonight aired the first footage of the “What More Can I Give” video. The song was complete but Sony refused to release it. They also refused to put commercials for Michael’s new album during the airing of his concert on CBS.

Michael was furious against Sony CEO, Tommy Mottola and decided not to appear on the videos for Cry & Butterflies, the next singles imposed by Sony.

  • November 13 :

CBS aired an edited version of Michael’s concerts at the Madison Square Garden.

  • December :

Michael recorded a photoshoot with Prince & Paris at Neverland for an upcoming VIBE magazine cover story with photographer Jonathan Exley.

  • December 5 :

The single of “Cry” was released in Europe while “Butterflies” was played on US radios

  • December 14 :

Michael gave an interview to USA Today.

  • December 19 :

Michael gave an interview to the Steve Harvey Morning Radio Show.

Later he attended the KIIS-FM Jingle Ball Concert in Los Angeles where Rick Dees & Magic Johnson presented him the Legend Award.

  • December 24/25 :

Michael celebrated Christmas at Neverland with Prince & Paris.