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“This Is It” “Thriller” (The Threatened Cut)


Beatboxing and Singing “Speechless” in “This is It”

“This Is It”- “Human Nature” Performance..

My Heart Hurts..

My Favorite Song ..

♥ This Is It – Michael Jackson (Official Movie Trailers) 2009

Michael Jackson THIS IS IT Concert Official Advertising on TV Sunday March 8, 2009

The Longest TV Advertisement ever purchased by any artist:

MJ Albums:

The Jackson 5:

1969- Diana Ross Presents The Jackson 5

1970- ABC

1970- Third Album

1970- The Jackson 5 Christmas Album

1971- Maybe Tomorrow

1971- Goin’ Back To Indiana

1972- Looking Through The Windows

1973- Skywriter

1873- The Jackson 5 in Japan

1973- G.I.T. Get It Together

1974- Dancing Machine

1975- Moving Violation

1976- The Jacksons

1977- Goin Places

1978- Destiny

1980- Triumph

1981- The Jacksons Live!

1984- Victory

1989- 2300 Jackson Street

1992- The Jacksons: An American Dream Soundtrack

Michael Jackson:

1972- Got To Be There

1972- Ben

1973- Music & Me

1975- Forever Michael

1979- Off The Wall

1982- Thriller

1987- Bad

1991- Dangerous

1995- HIStory: Past. Present, and Future Book1

1997- Blood On The Dancefloor: HIStory In The Mix

2001- Invincible

2009- This Is It

Michael at the World Music Awards November 15, 2006

Michael attended the World Music Awards ceremony at Earl Court in London where he is presented with the ‘Diamond Award’ for the “Thriller” sales and he performed a few lines of “We Are The World” for the final.

Michael’s 30th Anniversary Concert – Sept 7 and Sept 10 – Aired on TV Nov 2001

In November 2001, CBS television network aired a two-hour special in honor of Michael Jackson’s Thirtieth year as a solo entertainer (his first solo single, “Got To Be There”, was recorded in 1971). The show was edited from footage of two separate concerts Michael had orchestrated in New York City’s Madison Square Garden on September 7 and September 10, 2001. The shows sold out in five hours. Ticket prices were music’s most expensive ever; the best seats cost $5,000 and included a dinner with Michael Jackson and a signed poster. Jackson reportedly earned $7.5 million for each of the two concerts, which is over $150,000 per minute.

The last of the two concerts wrapped up just hours before planes ran into the Twin Towers of  Lower Manhattan’s World Trade Center. The concerts featured in the Michael Jackson: 30th Anniversary Special were his last concerts….ever.

First Hour:

Opening the show was Samuel L. Jackson’s presentation of Usher, Whitney Houston & Mya, performing a rendition of Michael’s hit song “Wanna Be Startin Somethin”, from his 1982 album, Thriller. Among other performers and guests were Liza Minnelli singing “You Are Not ALone”; and James Ingram with Gloria Estephan singing Jackson’s 1987 ballad, ” I Just Cant Stop Loving You” (another #1 U.S. hit). Marc Anthony also sang “Shes Out Of My Life”.

Second Hour:

The second hour of the show is by far the best remembered, featuring the exciting reunion of Michael and his brothers  Jermaine, Jacki, Randy, Marlon, and Tito for a “greatest hits” medley, including their headlining songs “Can You Feel It”, “ABC”, “The Love You Save”, I Want You Back”, “Ill Be There”, and “Shake Your Body Down To The Ground”. As the crowd roared, it was evident that the Jackson brothers were enjoying themselves, possibly even more than the adoring fans of past and present. Following the reunion, Michael announced surprise guests for the Jackson 5 hit “Dancing Machine” by NSYNC.

Following a short intermission, Chris Tucker then appeared onstage, recalls a humorous conversation between him and Jackson (imitating his voice) before announcing a live performance of what is Michael’s most well-known tune: “Billie Jean” (The broadcast version is different showing The Way You Make Me Feel/Black Or White/Beat It and then Billie Jean).  Michael Jackson once again hit the stage, this time flanked by scores of dancers dressed as gang members for an explosive version of “Beat It”. As Michael glided and danced his way across the floor, the crowd roared all the louder in appreciation. Immediately afterward, Slash was properly introduced for a powerful, whirlwind rendition of “Black Or White”. Then Michael Jackson was joined by Britney Spears for a performance of “The Way You Make Me Feel”. After, he performed his newest single, “You Rock My World”, from the recently-released album Invincible. Michael was joined at the end of the song by Usher, who performed a smooth robotic dance routine.(The broadcast version ends after You Rock My World). Near the end of the final song, Michael Jackson and Co. sang “We Are The World” onstage in an elaborate finale.Michael Jackson 30 yr Anniversary

For a list of all performances: (more…)

Michael received ‘Artist Of The Millennium Award’ at the World Music Awards on May 10, 2000

Prince Albert of presented Michael with the ‘Artist Of The Millennium Award’ at the World Music Awards ceremony.

“You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

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WMA Acceptance Speech (May 10, 2000)

Michael Jackson received the ‘Male Artist Of The Millenium’ award at the World Music Awards in Monte Carlo. He accepted the award personally and was introduced by Prince Albert of Monaco:
Prince Albert:  “I am very pleased to present the 2000 Millenium Award to an artist whose music, generosity, and unmatched showmanship has lent color and brightness to the 20th century. A thousand years from now, when the history of popular music is examined, no single performer will be as remembered and as celebrated as Michael Jackson.  Its rare for a child performer to be successful in his adult career and then still that career to take off into the stratosphere as Michael’s did.  And at the close of the century he has sold more records around the world than any single artist in the history of the medium….. His influentual song ‘We Are The World’ and his international ‘Heal The World Foundation’ are just two of his many charitable efforts that have raised millions of $ for hundreds of important causes. Simply put Michael Jackson’s influence on entertainment, on charity and in fact on our entire culture is absolutely immeasurable.  As we enter the 21st century we can look forward to even more outstanding achievements in music and feature films from this incredibly talented artist. It’s been a privilege to witness Michael’s dazzling journey over the years which has transformed him from a singer to a superstar and from a charming little boy to a dignified man.”

(Video intro to ‘Childhood’ and ‘Beat It’. Michael Jackson appears behind a white curtain. The curtain goes up and Michael glides forward on a little catwalk. Then he walks on stage wearing a head microphone. He shakes hands with Prince Albert.)
Prince Albert: “It’s an honor and privilege to present the 2000 Millenium Award to Michael Jackson.”
(Prince Albert hands the award over to Michael Jackson.)
Michael Jackson:Thank you very, very much Prince Albert. I’m incredibly honored to have been chosen to receive this award. I’d like to thank the World Music Awards and especially the fans.
(Screams from the crowd.)
And you are the reason…you are the reason, why I continue to do what I do. I’ve been performing…
(A fan shouts: “I love you!” Michael smiles.)
I love you too. I love you. I’ve…I’ve been performing since I was 5 years old, so I haven’t had what you call an ordinary life, but I’ve been blessed with so many extraordinary opportunities and so many wonderful, wonderful friends all over the world that I wouldn’t change a minute of it, really.
I love you more! And I am so proud to thank…I thank God, and I am so proud God gave me the gift of song. And the world gave me the opportunity to be heard through music. And it’s because of moments like this I can say with all my heart that I’m very proud to be an entertainer. And… You ain’t seen nothing yet!”

Michael Jackson – “Earth Song” At The World Music Awards May 8, 1996

Michael attended the World Music Awards on May 8, 1996 . He performed  received 5 awards and performed “Earth Song”.

Michael’s Dance Rehearsals Thru The Years..

Michael’s Anti Gravity Illusion – 1993

The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was an inventor and received a United States Patent in 1993 for an invention. This creation provides a new design for shoes which allowed MJ to create the desired anti gravity visual effect during his performances.

♥ “If they say why, why.. tell em that its Human Nature..”Michael Jackson, Live on Bad Tour, Brisbane in 1987

The of Power of HIS Dance…



Michael Jackson Making His Music

The most talented person ever..

Michael’s Dance Moves

Michael Jackson in Billy Jean video in 1983

Michael Jackson in Billy Jean video in 1983

First lesson – the moonwalk:
The moonwalk is surely the most famous move of Michael that people want to learn. Everyone with two healthy feet is able to do it with enough practice. So read on if you’re interested…
The magic about the moonwalk is that you move the foot that is on the floor but you stand on the other so you must try hard to stand on your toes on one foot – try to stand on your toes on one foot without the other foot – the moonwalk is a combination of this elements – you stand you your toes on one foot and push the other foot back in smooth motion and then rapidly you must change it – you stand on the other foot and push the first foot back in smooth motion – that’s it ! At the end of “JAM” Michael teaches Michael Jordan how to do the moonwalk.
Michael actually dances more versions of the moonwalk. There is his sidewalk, his moonwalk without going back or the combination of moonwalk and turning around.

Second lesson – the sidewalk:
The sidewalk is basically the same as the normal moonwalk, but Michael added some elements to it so that it is also very special. If you wanna do the side walk, you have to move your feet to the side but one foot is also slightly before the other so that they cross and in that moment you change like in the normal moonwalk. Michael also moves his arms like walking and puts his hat down and moves his body very special…perfection!

Third lesson – the moonwalk without going back: You put your foot forth again after doing the normal moonwalk and repeat everything with the other one. But again Michael adds something to the move that’s magic, he combines it with a little sidewalk…dazzling!

Forth lesson – the moonwalk with turning around:
Michael uses this move many times. It’s especially in Smooth Criminal. He does his normal moonwalk and pushes the right foot back. Right after that he turns right on his heels but also moves his arms and his shoulders magically. And then there he again moonwalks back with his right foot….Fabulous!

michael jackson dance

Michael’s Concert Tours

Michael Jackson performed all of his life: First with The Jackson 5 and The Jacksons, and later as a solo artist  Each tour broke previous records. His first tour took place in 1970 with The Jackson 5 and his last world tour ended 27 years later, in 1997.

This is it World Tour

Scheduled to be July 13, 2009 to 2010

Michael & Friends Charity Concerts

Michael, together with other artists from around the globe performed two charity benefit concerts in June of 1999. Together these concerts raised millions of dollars for three charities; The Red Cross, UNESCO, and The Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund. Both concerts were televised, and the final concert was aired globally over the internet!

The Korean concert was played at the Chamsil Olympic Stadium, Seoul, Korea to an audience of 54,000 people.

June 25, 1999 – Seoul, Korea.

Solo Tours

The HIStory World Tour
September 7, 1996 – October 15, 1997

The HIStory World Tour began in Prague, Czech Republic on September 7, 1996 and ended in Durban, South Africa on October 15, 1997.

At the conclusion of the tour, Michael performed in 82 concerts to a total of over 4.5 million fans in 58 cities, 35 countries, and 5 continents, with an average concert attendance of 54,878.

The Dangerous World Tour
June 27, 1992 – November 11, 1993

The Dangerous World Tour began at the Olympic Stadium in Munich, Germany on June 27, 1992 and concluded in Mexico City, Mexico on November 11, 1993. The second half of the Dangerous World Tour began in August 1993 – on a four-and-a-half-month trek that took him through Asia, Russia, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, and South America. During the tour, Michael Jackson performed 69 concerts, to approximately 3.5 million people. Michael cancelled the remainder of his tour due to illness.

Michael donated ALL his proceeds from the Dangerous tour to the “Heal The World Foundation” and to other charities.

The concert in Bucharest was televised on HBO (Home Box Office – a US cable TV station), earning the highest audience ever on any cable network and winning a Cable Ace Award.

The Dangerous World Tour was considered groundbreaking, a signal to the music industry that Asia is fast becoming a lucrative market for record sales. Jackson, the first major superstar to tour the area, was seen as a test case. Piracy in Thailand was running at close to 98 % – while legitimate sales of ‘Dangerous’ amounted to only 30,000 copies, pirate copies were estimated at 800,000. A clamp-down on piracy prior to the tour saw legitimate sales rise to $120,000. The Thai Minister of Commerce made a statement that with Michael Jackson’s visit, the war on piracy had begun.

Attendance Records:
Japan: Michael Jackson performed 8 sold out concerts in Japan, to a total audience of 360,000.
Mexico City: Mexico City was the last stop of the Dangerous Tour. Michael Jackson performed 5 sold out concerts to a total audience of at least 500,000 people.

The Bad World Tour
September 12, 1987 – January 27, 1989

The Bad World Tour, Michael Jackson’s first solo tour, began in Tokyo, Japan on September 12, 1987, and concluded in Los Angeles, USA on January 27, 1989.

During the 16-month-long tour, Michael performed 123 concerts in 15 countries, to 4.4 million people. The tour grossed over US$ 125 million.

In a month-long tour of Japan, Michael performed to a total of 450,000 people at 14 sold out concerts and 3 cities.

The Bad Tour became the largest and highest grossing concert tour ever.
Michael Jackson set a new record for playing more dates at London’s Wembley Stadium than any other artist, with 7 sold out shows and a total attendance of 504,000 people. This achievement gained an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Jacksons Tours

The Victory Tour
July 6 – December 9, 1984

The Victory Tour would be Michael Jackson’s last tour as the lead singer of The Jacksons. All of his future tours would be as a solo artist.

The tour began on July 6, 1984, and ended with 6 shows at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on December 9, 1984 – crossing the US and Canada. Over 2 million people came to see The Jacksons during the 55 concert, 5 month tour, which grossed a record $75 million.

Michael donated ALL of his proceeds – nearly $5 million – to charities (T.J. Martell Foundation for Cancer Research, The United Negro College Fund, and the Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times).

During the last concert, Michael said, “This is our last and final show. It’s been a long 20 years, and we love you all.”

The Triumph Tour

The 39 city tour of U.S. began in Memphis, Tennessee, and concluded in Los Angeles with a record breaking 4 sold out concerts there.

Rolling Stone magazine cited the Triumph Tour as one of the “greatest live performances of the 70’s and 80’s.”

The Destiny Tour

The Destiny World Tour began in New Orleans, Louisiana and stopped in 80 U.S. cities.

Some of the concert dates were listed in a cover-story on The Jacksons, published in the April 13, 1979 issue of “Black Radio”.

Other Tours of The Jacksons
January 1979 – The Jacksons did a world tour to promote their latest album “Destiny”. The tour started in Bremen/Germany and took them for example to France, Holland, Switzerland, Kenya, a 13-day tour of GB and the USA. Several concerts had to be cancelled due to Michael catching a flu.

January 1978 – The Jacksons toured USA and Europe.

May 1977 – The Jacksons toured in Europe for 2.5 weeks – including GB, France, Germany and Holland. During their concerts in GB they also did a Royal Command Performance for Queen Elizabeth II.

The Jackson 5 Tours

The Jackson 5 World Tour
March 1973 – February 1975

During their world tour The Jackson 5 performed in concerts all around the world, criss-crossing the globe – starting with concerts in the USA, and continuing to Japan and 26 more USA cities, Hawaii, Africa, USA again, South America, Far East (including Japan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, and the Philippines among others), back to USA, West Indies, USA, and the United Kingdom.

Their schedule was so packed, there were periods of time during which they performed every single day, and between the tour stops, they also took time to perform live on several television variety shows.

During this time, Michael Jackson was 15-16 years old.

The Jackson 5 Europe Tour
November 1972

The Jackson 5 began their first-ever 12-day Europe tour. They broke the Liverpool Empire attendance records, previously held by the Beatles.

The Jackson 5 US Tours
Late 1971 – The Jackson 5 toured the USA, performing in 50 cities.

Summer 1971 – The Jackson 5 embarked on their 2nd tour, playing 40 dates in US cities, including Philadelphia, New York, and Milwaukee.

The Jackson 5 First National Tour
Fall 1970

The Jackson 5 began their first-ever tour on Oct. 9, 1970. The tour stopped in multiple US states and cities, including Boston, Cincinnati, and New York City. They broke attendance records at several stops.

1986 ~ “Captain EO”

  • January 27:

Michael arrived half-way through the American Music Awards ceremony in company of Elizabeth Taylor where he, Quincy Jones, Lionel Richie and Ken Kragen received awards for “We Are The World”.  At the show’s conclusion, they joined many celebrities including Diana Ross, Janet & LaToya on stage.

  • February:

Michael was asked to be best man at the wedding of Diana Ross & Arne Naess but he cancels at the last minute and no longer had contact with Diana

  • February 2:

Michael gave a 5 minute interview about Quincy Jones for CBS 60 minutes program.

  • February 25:

Michael, Lionel Richie, Quincy Jones & Stevie attended the Grammy Awards and “We Are The World” received four awards.

  • March 8:

Heart transplant recipient Donna Ashlock visited Michael at Havenhurst. She stayed for lunch and watched a movie with Michael.

  • April:

Michael accompanied Elizabeth Taylor to the opening of the Hollywood Park Race Track in Inglewood .

  • May 9:

Michael, Emmanuel Lewis, & aides stayed at the Helmsley Palace Hotel.

  • May 10:

Michael & Emmanuel attended the Sunday matinee of Broadway’s Big Deal

  • May 12:

During a press conference at New York ’s Red Parrot, Pepsi announced a new contract with Michael for a reported $15 million and he received a Guinness Book of World Records plaque for having received the largest payment ever for a product endorsement.

  • May 13:

On their last evening in New York , Michael & Emmanuel watched The Little Shop Of Horrors.

  • June:

Michael & Corey Feldman went to Disneyland . For the first time, Michael was seen in public wearing a surgical mask.

  • August:

After writing many songs, Michael began recording a new album with Quincy Jones.

  • September:

Michael attended the concert of the Norwegian group A-Ha in Hollywood with Sophia Loren.

  • September 12:

“Captain EO”, Michael’s 17 minute 3-D musical fantasy premiered at Epcot Center in Disneyworld in Florida  and the day after in Disneyland in California.

  • November:

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attended a Liza Minnelli concert at the Universal Amphitheater in Hollywood .

Michael & Run-DMC worked together on an anti-drug song.

  • November 19-29:

Michael filmed a 16 minutes video for the song “Bad” directed by Martin Scorsese and featured Wesley Snipes. Scenes were filmed in Dobbs Ferry, a tiny hamlet in upstate New York and in a subway of the Bronx . The song and video told the story of Daryl, a black youth from the ghetto who returned home from his private school.

  • December 10:

Michael attended a presentation by the American Friends Of The Hebrew University

  • December 19:

Michael attended a performance of The Little Shop Of Horror.

Michael Jackson Recording ‘We Are The World’ – 1985


In January, 1985, Michael Jackson wrote the charity single “We Are The World” to aid the poor in the U. S. and Africa. On January 22, 1985, Michael recorded a demo for the song:

“We Are The World” became one of the best-selling singles of all time, with nearly 30 million copies sold and millions of dollars donated to famine relief. The song was released in March, 1995.

The Jacksons “Victory Tour” – July 6 – Dec 9, 1984

The Victory Tour
July 6 – December 9, 1984

The Victory Tour would be Michael Jackson’s last tour as the lead singer of The Jacksons. All of his future tours would be as a solo artist.

The tour began on July 6, 1984, and ended with 6 shows at Los Angeles’ Dodger Stadium on December 9, 1984 – crossing the US and Canada. Over 2 million people came to see The Jacksons during the 55 concert, 5 month tour, which grossed a record $75 million.

Michael donated ALL of his proceeds – nearly $8 million – to charities (T.J. Martell Foundation for Cancer Research, The United Negro College Fund, and the Ronald McDonald Camp for Good Times).

During the last concert, Michael said, “This is our last and final show. It’s been a long 20 years, and we love you all.”


Michael Was Honored At The White House and Launch of Drunk Driving Campaign “Beat It”: May 14, 1984

On May 14, 1984, MJ was invited to the White House to receive an award from President Ronald Reagan for his support of charities that helped people overcome alcohol and drug abuse. Michael won eight awards during the Grammys that year. It was also the launch of the Drunk Driving campaign that used Michael’s “Beat It” song:

Michael, You Will Always Be The KING Of POP – Jan 1984

On January 27, 1984, Michael and other members of the Jacksons filmed a Pepsi Cola commercial at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles. In front of a full house of fans during a simulated concert, pyrotechnics accidentally set Jackson’s hair on fire. He suffered second-degree burns to his scalp. Jackson never fully recovered from this injury. Pepsi settled out of court, and Jackson donated ALL of his $1.5 million settlement to the Brotman Medical Center in Culver City, California, which now has a “Michael Jackson Burn Center” in honor of his donation.

The White House, Drunk Driving Campaign, Pepsi, Hollywood Star, The MJ Doll, “Victory Tour” – 1984

Michael launched his own company MJJ PRODUCTIONS with Bill Bray & Miko Brando as his first employees.

  • January 10:

Michael visited the burn center at Brotman Memorial Center Hospital in Los Angeles .

  • January 11:

At the first annual Black Gold Awards, produced by Dick Clark, Michael won four awards.

  • January 16:

Michael attended the American Music Awards at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with Brooke Schields and Emmanuel Lewis. He won an unprecedented eight awards including the special award of Merit presented by Diana Ross. The ceremony was watched by over sixty million people.

  • January 24:

Michael & The Jacksons filmed a Pepsi commercial named ‘Street’ directed by Bob Giraldi and featured the group dancing in the street (including Alfonso Ribeiro & Siggy Jackson) on a Pepsi version of Billie Jean.

  • January 26:

“Somebody’s Watching Me” by Rockwell Gordy featured Michael on the title track was released by Motown.

  • January 27:

It was announced that Jackie Onassis would publish Michael’s autobiography.

During the filming of a second Pepsi commercial named ‘Concert’, directed by Bob Giraldi, a pyrotechnic failure caused an accident. Michael suffered second and third degree scalp burns. He was rescued by Miko Brando and was rushed to to Cedar Sinai Medical Center where on arrival, caused a media frenzy. All the Jackson family joined him at the hospital. Michael was transferred to Brotman Memorial Hospital for treatment at the burn center.

  • January 28:

Michael was released from the hospital.

  • February:

“Thriller”, the seventh and last single from the album was released by Epic.

  • February 1:

Michael received an official letter from US President Ronald Reagan wishing him a speedy recovery.

  • February 5:

Michael made his first public appearance since his burn injury when he visited the Los Angeles zoo with Emmanuel Lewis.

  • February 6:

Michael & Emmanuel Lewis were on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • February 7:

Michael went to the New York Metropolitan Museum of Natural History to receive awards from CBS & The Guinness Book Of World Records celebrating “Thriller” as the largest-selling album of all time (25million at the time).  Among the many guests, were Brooke Schields, & the whole Jackson family.

  • February 25:

Michael attended the premier of the Jacksons’ Pepsi commercial at a black-tie event for 1000 bottlers at New York City’s Lincoln Center .

  • February 27:

Michael & Brooke Schields were on the cover of Jet magazine

The Pepsi commercials premiered on MTV.

  • February 28:

In the company of Brooke Schields & Emmanuel Lewis, Michael attended the Grammy Awards ceremony broadcast live from the Shrine Auditorium of Los Angeles.

He won an unprecedented 8 awards. On stage he shares his triumph with producer Quincy Jones and even invited his sisters Janet, LaToya & Rebbie to join him.

The Jacksons Pepsi commercials were aired during the telecast and became the most popular ads ever

“And for the girls in the back..”

  • March:

Michael was on the cover of Rolling Stone magazine.

  • March 19:

Michael was on the cover of TIME magazine with a nine page article.

  • March 20:

Michael hired Frank Dileo, Vice President of Promotions at Epic as his new manager.

  • March 23:

Michael appeared on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • March 29:

The Jackson family selected Frank Russo to run the Victory Tour in association with Danny’O Donovan.

  • April:

Liza Minnelli accompanied Michael to Swifty Lazar’s Oscar Night Party

Jermaine Jackson’s first album for Arista contains a new duet with Michael titled “Tell Me I’m Not Dreamin” but Epic does not give permission to Arista to release it as a single.

  • April 9:

David Smithee, a terminally ill child was invited to visit Michael at the Encino family house thanks to the ‘Make A Wish Foundation’.

  • April 14:

Michael attended a Martell foundation dinner.

  • April 17:

Michael underwent reconstructive scalp surgery at Brotman Memorial Hospital by his plastic surgeon Dr Steven Hoeffin

  • Late April :

The rehearsals for the Jacksons’ “Victory Tour” began in Los Angeles .

  • May:

Michael was on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Motown released the album “Farewell My Summer Love”, a collection of old material.

Frank Russo filed a $20 millions lawsuit against the Jacksons for going back on their verbal agreement to make him manager of the Victory Tour.

  • May 5:

The Jackson family organized a surprise party to honor Katherine at the Bistro Garden . Michael gave her a Rolls Royce

  • May 8:

Michael attended a performance of Cats.

  • May 11:

Michael attended a Kool and The Gang concert at Radio City Music Hall in New York City accompanied by Tatum O’Neal heavily disguised in a beard and wig!

  • May 12:

Michael visited Shirley Maclaine backstage after her performance in Broadway.

  • May 14:

President Ronald Reagan hosted a ceremony to launch the Drunk Driving campaign & present the Presidential Humanitarian Award to Michael in a garden ceremony at the White House in Washington, D.C.

  • May 21:

The Jacksons were on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • June:

Michael met with other supporters of Camp Good Times in Malibu such as OJ Simpson, Dustin Hoffman, David Soul, Neil Diamond & Richard Chamberlain.

  • June 5:

The “Victory Tour” contract was signed by Don King, Chuck Sullivan and Joe & Katherine Jackson.

  • June 9:

Michael attended the unveiling of a wax statue of himself at The Guinness Museum of World Records in San Francisco, California

  • June 13:

The first single from the Victory album, “State Of Shock”, a duet between Michael & Mick Jagger, was premiered on radio stations.

  • June 26:

Michael and his brothers arrived in Birmingham for secret pre-tour rehearsals.

  • June 29:

During the Victory Tour rehearsals in Atlanta , Michael & his brothers greeted a crowd of over a thousand fans.

  • July:

The single “Centipede” by Rebbie Jackson was released on Colombia Records. The song is written and produced by Michael who also sang backing vocals.

The album “Victory” was released by Epic. For the first time, the 6 brothers were reunited with the return of Jermaine.

  • July 5:

Michael held a major press conference with his brothers to announce a change in the tour’s organization and also that the ALL of his share of the proceeds from the Victory Tour would be donated to charity.


  • July 6/7/8:

The Jacksons kicked off the Victory Tour in Kansas City, Missouri

The whole Jackson family and Reverend Jesse Jackson attended the concerts.

  • July 13/14/15 :

Concerts in Dallas, Texas  attended by Prince & Emmanuel Lewis among others. During the second concert in Dallas , Eddie Van Halen joined Michael on stage to play his solo guitar on Beat It

  • July 16:

Michael was on the cover of Newsweek.

  • July 20:

Publicity of the Michael Jackson doll began.

  • July 21/22/23:

Concerts in Jacksonville, Florida

  • July 29/30/31:

Concerts in East Rutherford, New Jersey attended by Katherine, Janet, Yoko Ono, Sean Lennon, & Bob Girladi among others.

  • August:

The single “Torture” was released by Epic. It’s a duet between Michael & Jermaine but neither of them participated in the video

  • August 4/5:

Concerts at the Madison Square Garden in New York City attended by many celebrities such as Andy Warhol, Mayor Koch, Cyndi Lauper, Brooke Schields, Bette Midler, & Emmanuel Lewis. During his stay in New York , Michael had dinner with Katherine Hepburn at her city townhouse.

  • August 7/8/9:

Concerts in Knoxville

  • August 17/18/19:

Concert in Detroit, Michigan

Michael filmed a home video at Pontiac City Hall, Michigan with a troop of police officers.

  • August 20-24:

Michael visited Disneyworld with Emmanuel Lewis in Orlando, Florida

  • August 25/26:

Concerts in Buffalo, New York

  • September:

Michael was on the cover of Life magazine.

  • September 1/2 :

Concerts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  attended by Selvester Stone & Bruce Spingsteen.

  • September 5:

Frank Dileo held a press conference to read a statement on behalf of Michael

  • September 7/8:

Concerts in Denver, Colorado.

Michael visits with Elton John.

  • September 14:

Michael won three awards at the first annual MTV Video Music Awards but was not present at the ceremony.

  • September 15:

Michael went shopping with Quincy Jones on Montreal ()

  • September 16:

Michael attended Sunday service at the Kingdom Hall in Montreal .

  • September 17/18:

Concerts in Montreal.

  • September 21/22:

Concerts in Washington D.C.

While in Washington , Michael visited the Kennedy Center Opera House to see Anthony Quinn and Lila Kedrova in the touring production of Zorba.

  • September 28/29:

Concerts in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

  • October:

The single “Body” was released by Epic. Michael was not  in the video.

  • October 5/6/7:

Concerts in Toronto

  • October 12/13/14:

Concerts in Chicago, Illinois

  • October 19/20:

Concerts in Cleveland, Ohio

  • October 26/27:

Concerts in Atlanta

  • November:

Michael was on the cover of People Extra.

  • November 2/3:

Concerts in Miami, Florida

  • November 9/10:

Concerts in Houston, Texas

Michael has a sitting for Madame Tussauds sculptor Jim Mathieson.

  • November 16/17/18:

Concerts in Vancouver

  • November 18:

Michael was made an honorary member of the new West Minister Police Department while in British Colombia

  • November 20:

5000 fans were present for Michael’s unveiling of his Hollywood Boulevard Star on the Walk Of Fame.

November 30/

December1/ 2 :

Concerts at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles .

  • December:

Michael was on the cover of Ebony and magazines. He appeared in the video LA is my lady produced by Quincy Jones for Frank Sinatra.

Michael visited Steven Spielbeg on the set of The Goonies movie and befriends Corey Feldman.

  • December 6:

Michael was in Chicago to testify in court that he wrote “The Girl Is Mine”.

  • December 7/8/9:

The Jacksons played their last Victory Tour concerts at the Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles . During the last song of the last concert, Janet, & Latoya joined the group on stage with all the nieces and nephews to dance. Michael announced his departure from The Jacksons.

During the 55 concerts, attended by over 2 million people, the tour grossed a record $75 million

Michael donated ALL of HIS portion of the earnings.

Billie Jean – 1983

Michael Jackson wrote Billie Jean and recorded it in just one session. He won at the 1983 Grammy Award for Best Rhythm & Blues Vocal Performance and Best Rhythm & Blues Song for Billie Jean. It was the first video by a black artist to get regular airplay on the MTV channel, which debuted March 1983.



In May 1983, there is a two hour special Motown 25th: Yesterday, Today & Forever featuring for the first time since 1975, a performance of the six Jackson brothers for a medley of the Jackson 5 hits followed by a solo performance of Billie Jean during which Michael showcases his first ever public performance of the Moonwalk. The show is watched by 47 million Americans and Michael’s dancing talents are recognized when legends such as Fred Astaire & Gene Kelly call him and congratulate his performance.