I love Michael Jackson

Michael’s art was donated to LA’s Children’s Hospital

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13 Sketches by Michael Jackson as well as a signed portrait, now decorate the walls of Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

Michael Jackson’s three children — Prince 14, Paris 13, and Blanket 9 — were present at a private ceremony to unveil the donated artwork. The children selected which art pieces would be donated, including a dozen sketches drawn and signed by Michael and a photographed portrait of him.

 The works depicting Mickey Mouse, furniture, his moonwalk and other objects were donated by Brett Livingstone-Strong, an artist and friend of Jackson’s.

“To the wonderful children and families who are loved and cared for by the children’s hospital LA.
On behalf of our dear and greatly missed father Michael.
We love you all and wish you all to be in the best of health and have a very happy life with love. from our family ~ Prince Jackson”

“May the very special memory of my beautiful loving father be always in our world forever… ~ Paris Jackson”

“My fathers art and music will always make everyone happy. Blanket Jackson. I love you daddy”


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