I love Michael Jackson

2000 ~ ‘Artist Of The Millenium’, Heal The Kids

  • January :

Michael left his townhouse in Manhattan and after a few days vacation at Neverland, he resumed recording sessions in Los Angeles with Bruce Sweden.

  • February 13 :

Michael hosted a party for Prince’s 3rd birthday at Neverland

  • March :

Michael halted recording and left for Europe with Grace, Prince & Paris. They spent time with the Chaplin family in Switzerland.

  • March 31 :

Michael took Prince & Paris to a zoo in Hamburg. While in town they stayed at the Schleiter family house where Anton & Frantcheska live.

  • April 03 :

Michael hosted a party for Paris 2nd birthday.

  • May 7 :

Michael took Prince & Paris to the famous Knie Circus in Zurich.

  • May 8 :

Michael arrived in Monaco with Prince, Paris, Grace, Bob Jones, Karen Faye, Michael Bush & german business man Dieter Wiesner.

  • May 10 :

Prince Albert of presented Michael with the “Artist Of The Millenium Award” at the very end of the

World Music Awards ceremony.

  • May 12 :

Michael went to London with Prince, Paris & Grace & they visited with his good friend Mark Lester.

  • May 26 :

Michael escorted Dame Elizabeth Taylor to a tribute concert honoring her at the Royal Albert Hall in London .

  • May 30 :

Michael became a key investor and partner of HollywoodTicket.com Inc

  • June :

Michael & the kids went to switzerland before going back to Neverland.

Marcel Avram sued Michael for breach of contract of the Millenium Concerts and asks for $21 million.

  • July 29 :

Michael took the kids to the Siegfried & Roy magical show at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas

  • August 27 :

Michael invited Rabby Schmuley Boteach & his family to spend one week at Neverland so they can work on their projects for the children (a book and a new foundation).  The same day, he invites 10 year old cancer victim Gavin Arvizo & his family (his parents Janet & David, his brother Star & his sister Davellin) to Neverland.

  • August 29 :

The Arvizo and Boteach kids arranged a small party for Michael 42nd birthday at Neverland.

  • Early September :

Michael resumed recording on his new album and contacted Teddy Riley to work with him.

  • September 30 :

Michael sold his merchandising rights to Dieter Wiesner who created MJ NET Entertainment.

  • October 28 :

Michael & Elizabeth Taylor attended the Carousel Of Hope charity gala at the Hilton Hotel of Beverly Hills.

  • November :

Mchael, Grace & the kids went back to NYC and moved in the Four Seasons Hotel.

  • November 20 :

Michael attended Schmuley Boteach’s birthday party at his home in the New Jersey .

  • November 21 :

Michael presented 6 songs from his new album to Sony Music executives in New York .

In the evening, he attended the launching of his new foundation Heal The Kids with Shmuley Boteach & Frank Tyson at his publicist Howard Rubenstein’s house.

  • November 25 :

Michael & the kids spent Thanksgiving dinner at Shmuley Boteach home in New Jersey .

  • November 30 :

Michael attended the Angel Ball Fundraiser with Schmuley Boteachand Denise Rich in NYC.  NSync presented him with an award and Michael spent time with President Clinton, Elie Wiesel and Professor Stanley Greenspan.

  • December 2 :

Michael attended Tommy Mottola’s wedding at the Saint Patrick’s Cathedral in New York .

  • December 19 :

Michael made an appearance on the stage of the Madison Square Garden in New York at the end of the charity concert Miracle On the 34th Street

  • December 20 :

Michael, Grace & the kids left NY and went back to Neverland to celebrate Christmas holidays.


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