I love Michael Jackson

‘Once Again’ Poem For MJ by Elizabeth D. Cook

once again i felt the emptiness
once again i prayed for comfort
once again, God reminded me
that He brought him back home…
home away from all the craziness…once again.

my young years have seen much death
my heart has endured much pain
but I wasn’t prepared for it
to hurt this deeply once again.

we never know and we cannot guess
when it is our time, our destiny
to lay our earthly bodies down
for lasting, eternal rest.

my heart is somewhat confused & very melancholy
remembering all that he was & is to me
nevertheless, my soul knows that he
is no longer burdened, depressed, or in misery.

he exists where angels and birds fly…
he can forever dance on an endless blue sky
his spirit is now at a restful peace
he relaxes with the Saints on a lovely royal seat

the angels, cherubims, and seraphims
rejoice with all the Heavenly host
that he is finally back home…
once again.


One response

  1. sam

    This poem makes me cry with joy! I love this poem! forever MICHAEL JACKSON! ❤ Thank you for helping me through this sorrow…….:')

    November 3, 2011 at 4:15 pm

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