I love Michael Jackson

1998 ~ “What More Can I Give” demo ~ Paris Michael Katherine Jackson is born ~

  • January :

Michael recorded a demo version of “What More Can I Give” with Luciano Pavarotti.

  • January 18 :

Michael won the copyright infringement case against Al Bano Carrisi for the song “Will You Be There”.

  • February :

Michael met with Janet (who he didn’t see since December 95) in a Los Angeles hotel and he introduced her Prince Michael Jr.

  • February 7 :

Michael had dinner with Lisa Marie at the Ivvy Restaurant in L.A.

  • February 13 :

Adrian Grant held an exclusive interview of Michael in his hotel suite of Los Angeles .

Michael & Omer Bhatti hosted a party for Prince 1st birthday.

  • February 20-27 :

Michael went to Seoul to attend the investiture ceremony of President Kim Dae Jung on the 25th of Feb.

  • March 5-10 :

Michael went to Vienna with Prince Michael Jr.

  • March 10-30 :

While in Munich, Michael visited with his friends Anton & Francesca and also Marcel Avram, his former concert promoter. He also took Prince Michael Jr to the circus.

  • April 3 :

Debbie gave birth to Paris Michael Katherine Jackson at the Spalding Pain Medical Clinic of Beverly Hills. Michael was present for the birth and took his baby girl to Neverland.

  • April 21 :

Laurent Hopman held an exclusive interview of Michael in his hotel suite of Los Angeles .

  • May 7-9 :

Michael went to the Virgin Islands with Don Barden , his new business partner with whom he discussed building casinos.

  • May 15 :

Michael held a press conference in Beverly Hills to announce a series of benefit concerts for the World Peace Foundation For Children

  • May 17 :

Michael went to Namibia with Don Barden. He pleads for children’s cause during the opening statement of the World Economic Forum Summit

  • May 19 :

During the the Forum Summit, Michael had a private meeting with President Larent Kabila of the Democratic Republic of Congo.

  • Late May :

Michael & Don Barden went to Las Vegas .

  • July 6 :

Michael arrived in Detroit with Don Barden where he was welcomed by hundreds of fans

  • July 7 :

Michael & Don gave a press conference in Detroit to announce a Casino project named Majestic Kingdom

  • July 8 :

Second press conference to support their project.

  • July 9 :

Michael & Don went to New York to speak with potential financers.

  • July 15 :

Michael had a two hour long private meeting with the Namibien President

  • July 17 :

Michael & Don went to South Africa

  • July 18 :

In Joannesburg

  • July 19 :

Michael attended the 80th birthday banquet and wedding of Nelson Mandela with Stevie Wonder among others.

  • July 24 :

Michael went to Tokyo.

  • July 25 :

Michael attended the Kick Boxing Champion All-Star Match.

  • July 27 :

Michael held a press conference in Tokyo to announce a new Japanese Company Wonder World – Land Of Toys .

  • July 28 :

Michael returned back home.

  • August 3 :

Michael returned to Detroit to convince the people to vote for his casino project.

  • August 4 :

Michael & Stevie Wonder visited the Motown Museum in Detroit with Berry Gordy’s sister Ester Edwards.

After hearing that his project was rejected by the people of Detroit , Michael returned to Las Angeles.

  • August 29 :

Michael spent his 4Oth birthday with the 3T at Janet’s concert in Las Vegas .

  • September 22 :

Michael attended another Janet concert in Orlando

  • Mid October :

Michael started recording new songs for his next project in Los Angeles

  • October 29 :

Michael & Debbie went to the Getty museum in Los Angeles with Prince & Paris.

  • November 1O-20 :

Michael went to Souh Africa with his kids as well as Lisa Marie & her kids and together thay attend Janet’s concert.

  • November 25 :

Michael spent Thanksgiving at Hayvenhurst with the Jackson family, Lisa Marie & her kids

  • December 10 :

Michael & Debbie attended a dinner in honor of Dr Arnold Klein (dermatologist of Michael & boss of Debbie)

  • December 11-12 :

Michael attended the Grand Opening of Royal Towers of Atlantis resort in with his friend Gerry Inzerillo. He went on stage to perform “Heal The World” with a group of children.

  • Mid December :

Michael went to the Hit Factory in New York where he met with Teddy Riley, Janet, & Lisa Marie.

  • December 20 :

Michael took Prince & Paris to the Hilton in New York .

  • December 24/25 :

Michael celebrated Christmas at Neverland with Prince, Paris, Omer Bhatti, his sister & his parents.


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