I love Michael Jackson

1993~ MJ’s 1st Christmas at Neverland, Heal LA, Superbowl, Oprah, “Give In To Me”, “Watzupwitu”, “Will You Be There”, Shoe Patent, Dangerous Tour, “Dangerous”

  • Early January:

Back from Japan, Michael celebrated his first Christmas at Neverland with Elizabeth Taylor

  • January 9 :

Michael and Oprah Winfrey made a photo shoot to promote their upcoming TV Special for ABC.

Michael started rehearsing for his upcoming “American Music Awards” and “Superbowl” performances.

  • January 16:

Michael attended the NAACP Image Awards with Katherine in Pasadena, California.

He received the Best Video Of The Year Award for “Black Or White” and the Entertainer Of The Year Award.

Patti Labelle sang “Will You Be There” with Michael joining for the last verse.

  • January 18:

Michael appeared at the Pre-Inaugural Celebration for Bill Clinton and joined other celebrities (including Diana Ross) on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial to sing “We Are The World”.

  • January 19:

Michael sang “Gone Too Soon” & “Heal The World” at the 52nd Presidential Inaugural Gala.

  • January 25:

Michael opened the American Music Awards ceremony held at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles with a performance of “Dangerous”.  He also received three awards including the first ever International Artist Award presented by Elizabeth Taylor & Eddie Murphy.

  • January 26:

Michael attended a press conference at the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles to accept a check for $100,000 from the NFL and Frito Lay (Sponsor of the Superbowl) and $500,000 from Best Foundation for his Heal The World Foundation.

Heal LA was launched at this event.

  • January 31:

Michael performed a medley of “Jam”, “Billie Jean”, “Black Or White” and “Heal The World” at the Superbowl Halftime Show in the Rose Bowl Stadium, Pasadena, California before an audience of 100,000 in the stadium and 133 million on TV.

  • February 8:

Michael was on the cover of Jet magazine with Oprah Winfrey.

  • February 10:

Michael Jackson Talked to Oprah is telecast live from Neverland Valley around the world attracting around 100 million viewers. During the interview, Michael revealed that he suffered from a skin disorder that destroys the pigmentation of his skin. He also showed his ranch to the world, premiered the video of “Give In To Me” and improvises a beat box on “Who Is It” after doing the Moonwalk. Elizabeth Taylor made a surprise appearance to support her friend.

  • February 24:

Michael attended the Grammy Awards with Brooke Shields where Janet presented him with the Grammy Legend Award. Following the presentation, Michael & Brooke attended the Polygram Party at A&M Studios and later appeared at the Sony Party in Century City .

  • February 26:

Michael was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

He talked about Elizabeth Taylor in a video for the Arts & Entertainment Network.

  • Late February:

Michael invited Jordan Chandler, his sister Lily & mother June to Neverland for the first time.

  • March 9:

Michael attended the Soul Train Awards with Bill Bray where he won two awards + the Humanitarian Award Of  The Year presented by Eddie Murphy.  He also performed “Remember The Time” seated in a gold chair because he twisted his ankle the night before

  • March 11:

Walking on crutches, Michael attended an American Film Industry dinner in honor of Elizabeth Taylor at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in Los Angeles .

  • March 27:

Michael gave five-minute speech in front of 1200 teachers and politicians at a conference in the Century Plaza Hotel in Los Angeles which was sponsored by the Milken Family Trust.

  • Late March:

Michael took Jordy, Lily & June Chandler to Las Vegas & Disneyworld.

  • April:

“Who Is It” is released in the while “Give In To Me” is released in the rest of the world.

  • April 11:

Joe, Katherine, Jemaine, Tito, Randy & Jackie gave an interview from Hayvenhurst to ABC’s Day One program.

  • April 15:

The video to “Watzupwitu”, a duet between Michael & Eddie Murphy premiered on FOX & BET.

  • April 26:

As part of Heal L.A drive, Michael visited Los Angeles South Central with Caroline Bingham & Adrian Grant.

Michael was on the cover of Jet magazine with Eddie Murphy.

  • Early May:

Evan Chandler invited Michael to spend time with his son at his house

  • May 5:

Michael was with Former President Jimmy Carter, were in Atlanta for “Heal Our Children/Heal The World” initiative, to promote “Atlanta Project Immunization Drive”. Afterward, Michael joined Ted Turner, Jane Fonda, Emmanuel Lewis & Lisa Marie Presley in the front row during the Kids Celebration at OMNI.

  • May 9:

Michael checked in the Hotel de Paris in with Jordy, Lily & June + Bob Jones.

  • May 10:

Michael dined with Prince Albert De Monaco.

  • May 12:

Michael attended the World Music Awards with Jordy, Lily & June where he won three awards presented by Michael Douglas, Prince Albert & Princess Stephanie.

  • May 13:

Michael & the Chandlers left Monaco By helicopter and in Nizza transfers to a plane to Paris where they spent three day visiting Disneyland .

  • May 16:

Michael & the Chandlers returned back to Los Angeles.

  • May 18:

Michael received two awards at the BMI Pop Awards Dinner at the Regency Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Los Angeles .

  • May 19:

Michael received the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award from Norris McWhirther, the Editor of the Guinness Museum of World Records in Los Angeles.

  • May 24:

“Will You Be There”, the eighth single from Dangerous was released worldwide.

  • May 27:

ASCAP presented Michael with three awards for Dangerous.

  • June:

Michael invented and received a United States Patent. This creation provided a new design for shoes which allowed him to create the desired anti gravity visual effect during his performances… Smooth Criminal.

Michael was on the cover of LIFE magazine with an exclusive cover story of Neverland.

  • June 5:

Michael was interviewed by Rick Dees on the Radio Sation KIIS FM in Los Angeles .

  • June 10:

Michael made an appearance at an afternoon rally at a middle school in Los Angeles to launch a new DARE program.

  • July:

The American Friends of Hebrew University awarded their 1994 Scopus Award to Michael Jackson.

Michael started working on a short film named “Is This Scary” with Stephen King and Mick Garris for a song scheduled to appear on “The Adam Family Values” soundtrack.

Evan Chandler & his attorney Barry Rothman set a plot to extort money from Michael. During a phone call to Dave Schwartz (Jordy’s stepfather), Evan threatened to destroys Michael if he didnt get what he wanted. Michael’s attorney Bert Fields hired private investigator Anthony Pellicano.

  • July 9 :

Dave & June Schwartz played the tape conversation to Pellicano who then visited Jordy & Lily at Michael’s Century City condominium.

  • July 11:

Chandler & Rothman asked June To let Jordy stay with Evan for a “one week visitation period”

  • August 4:

Evan & Jordy met Michael & Pellicano in a suite at the Westwood Marquis Hotel (this was the last time Michael & Jordy ever saw each other)

Later that evening, Pellicano went to Rothman’s office where he & Chandler made their demand for $20 millions

  • August 13:

During another meeting in Rothman’s office, Pellicano proposed a counter offer : a $ 350 000 screenwriting deal but Chandler rejected

Rothman made a counter demand: a deal for three screenplays or nothing but Pellicano refused it

  • August 16:

On behalf of June Schwartz, attorney Michael Freeman notified Rothman that he will be filing paper early the next morning that will force Chandler to turn over Jordy.

Reacting quickly Chandler took Jordy to psychiatrist Mathis Abrams. During a three hour session, Jordy (under drug sodium Amytal) lied and accused Michael

Abrams, who was required by law to report any such accusations to authorities called a social worker at the Department of Children’s Services who in turn contacted the police

  • August 17:

The Los Angeles Police Department officially opened a criminal investigation against Michael Jackson based on accusations of child molestation made by Jordy Chandler

  • August 21:

Michael arrived in Bangkok, Taiwan for the third leg of his Dangerous World Tour.

The Los Angeles Police Department served search warrant on Michael’s Neverland Valley Ranch in Santa Barbara and on his condominium in Century City .

  • August 23:

Michael attended a Pepsi Tour Press Conference at the Oriental Hotel.

  • August 24:

Michael gave a concert in Bangkok while the media revealed that Michael is under criminal investigation for child molestation which became one of the biggest scandals af all time and dominated newspapers, magazines, TV shows and tabloids for many months to come

Michael’s criminal lawyer, Howard Weitzman read a statement to the press on behalf of Michael while Anthony Pellicano revealed the accusations are the result of a failed attempt to extort money from Michael

  • August 25:

Michael’s second concert in Bangkok was rescheduled to August 26 because Michael was suffering from acute dehydration

Elizabeth Taylor flew to to be with Michael.

  • August 26:

Michael’s concert was is again rescheduled for August 27 (MJ released an audio-taped message to his fans)

Brett Barnes & Wade Robson appeared on CNN to defend Michael

August 27:

Michael finally performed his second concert in Bangkok .

  • August 28:

Michael arrived in Singapore.

  • August 29:

Concert in Singapoure on Michael’s 35th birthday;

  • August 30:

Joseph, Katherine, Jermaine, Tito & Rebbie Jackson gave a press conference to support Michael & announce the Jackson Family Honors

Police searched Michael’s hotel room at the Mirage Hotel in Las Vegas.

The second concert in Singapore was cancelled when Michael collapsed backstage moments before the show is due to begin suffering from a severe migraine.

  • August 31:

Michael underwent a brain scan in hospital and he released a second audio-taped message to apologize for the late cancellation of his concert.

Attorney Gloria Allred was retained to represent Jordy Chandler.

  • September 1:

Michael performed his second concert in Singapore

  • September 2:

Many attendees at the MTV Video Music Awards expressed well wishes for Michael.

  • September 3:

Michael arrived in Taipei with Elizabeth Taylor.  Joe, Katherine, Jermaine, Jackie, Rebbie & the 3T also arrived in Taipei to support him.

  • September 4:

Michael performed concert in Taipei .

  • September 5:

Michael went shopping at Toy’s R Us in Taipei with the 3T.

  • September 6:

Michael performed his second concert in Taipei .

  • September 7:

Michael & the 3T arrive in Fukuoka, Japan then boarded a bus to Huis Ten Bosh, a theme park, where they stayed for two days.

  • September 9:

Michael returned to Fukuoka .

  • September 10:

Michael was on the cover of Entertainment Weekly.

He performed in concert in Fukuoka .

  • September 11:

Second concert in Fukuoka .

  • September 12:

Michael arrived in Moscow, Russia

  • September 13:

Michael was on the cover of Jet magazine.

MJ went shopping in Moscow and toured the Kremlin museum ad armory.

  • September 14:

Gloria Allred mysteriously resigned from representing Jordy and was replaced by Larry Feldman.

A civil suit against Michael was filed in Los Angeles Superior Court.

Michael recorded a video, marching with Russian army soldiers.

  • September 15:

Michael performed in concert in Moscow .

  • September 17:

Michael arrived in Tel Aviv, Israel  with his friend Dominic Cascio and his children Frank & Eddie.

  • September 18:

Michael visited Jerusalem.

  • September 19:

Michael performed in concert in Tel Aviv.

  • September 21:

Second concert in Tel Aviv.

Two detectives went to Manila to question Mark & Faye Quindoy.

  • September 22:

Michael arrived in Istanbul, Turquy with Frank & Eddie.  He went to the theater To watch Jurassik Park

  • September 23:

Michael performed in concert in Istanbul .

  • September 24:

Michael arrived in Tenerife with the Cascios.

  • September 26:

Michael performed in concert in Tenerife.  Minutes before the show he met with Laurent Hopman, the president of the French fan-club.

  • September 27-October 6:

Following the cancellation of the South African concerts due to continued violence there, Michael took a break and went to  Switzerland with Frank & Eddie.

They stayed at Elizabeth Taylor’s chalet in Gstaad for several days and then visited Geneva .

  • October 6:

Michel arrived in Buenos Aires with Frank & Eddie.

  • October 8/10/12:

Concerts in Buenos Aires .

  • October 13:

Michael arrives in Sao Paulo, Brasil

  • October 15/17:

Concerts in Sao Paulo .

  • October 18:

Michael arrives in Santiago, Chile

  • October 21:

Michael’s first concert in Santiago was cancelled due to a back injury.

  • October 23:

Michael performed in Santiago .

  • October 24:

Michael arrived in Mexico

  • October 27:

Michael met the President of Mexico.

  • October 29:

Michael performed his concert before 100,000 people in Mexico

  • October 31:

Second concert before 100,000 people in Mexico

Michael’s grandfather, Samuel Jackson died at the age of 90.

  • November 2:

Michael canceled his third Mexican concert due to a severe toothache.

  • November 5:

Michael attended a party for children at the Hard Rock Café.

  • November 7:

Third concert in Mexico

  • November 8:

While the Jackson family was in Phoenix for Samuel Jackson’s funerals, the police search the Hayvenhurst home.

  • November 9:

Elizabeth Taylor & Larry Fortensky flew to to join Michael.

Fourth concert in Mexico

  • November 11:

Michael performed the 69th and last concert of the Dangerous World Tour in Mexico.

  • November 12:

Michael left with Liz & Larry, stopping off in Canada and Iceland and finally landed at Luton airport in England. Liz & Larry flew on to Gstaad while Michael went to London .

Michael announced in an audio-taped message that he canceled the rest of the tour in order to seek treatment

  • November 14:

A spokesman for Pepsi Co announced their relationship with Michael Jackson was over.

Following Elton John’s advice, Michael checked in a private detox clinic in London .

  • November 16:

Police obtained a strip search warrant for Michael Jackson

  • November 23:

“Dangerous”, The Short Films was released on VHS

  • November 24:

The administration of Michael’s music catalogue ATV moved from MCA Music to EMI Music Publishing.

Los Angeles Superior Court judge, David Rothman set March 21, 1994, as the date for the civil suit against Michael to begin, denying a request from Michael’s attorneys to delay the proceddings until the criminal investigation was completed.

  • November 29 :

Michael was on the cover of People magazine.

  • December 02 :

Katherine and Jermaine appeared on CNN’sShowbiz Today and Hard Copy to defend Michael

  • December 06 :

Michael was on the cover of Jet magazine.

  • December 10 :

Michael left London and returned home to Neverland.

  • December 14 :

Six members of the Jackson family appeared on BET live from Hayvenhurst to support Michael.

  • December 15 :

Blanca Francia, Michael’s former personal maid gave a deposition in the civil lawsuit and sold her story to tabloid TV show Hard Copy claiming that her son Jason was a victim

  • December 20 :

Attorney Johnnie Cochran joined Michael’s legal team with Howard Weitzman. Cochran replaces Bert Fields.

  • December 22 :

Live from Neverland and around the world, Michael made a 4 minutes statement where he claimed his innocence and revealed that earlier this week he was forced bt the LAPD and SBPD to submit to a photo session of his body

  • December 28 :

Concert promoter Marcel Avram filed a $20 million breach of contract against Michael claiming Michael’s true condition was concealed on signing the contracts for the Dangerous Tour.

  • December 30/31 :

Michael appeared in public for the first time since returning home at  Treasure Island Las Vegas with friends Steve Wynn and Michael Milken.


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