I love Michael Jackson

1987 – Bad ~ I Just Cant Stop Loving You ~ Bad Tour ~ The Way You Make Me Feel

  • January 05 :

Michael, Quincy Jones & Bruce Sweden started recording the “Bad” album at the Westlake Studio in Los Angeles.

Michael purchased a new condominium in Century City nicknamed “the Hideout”

Michael had his heartbeat recorded to be used in the recording of the “Smooth Criminal” song:

  • January 09:

Michael attended the American Cinema Awards with Sophia Loren & Sylvester Stallone.

  • February:

Michael began filming a short film for the song “Smooth Criminal” on his upcoming album. The video was directed by Colin Chilvers.  The video story was written by Michael. It featured young actors Sean Lennon, Kellie Parker & Brandon Adams, Joe Pesci and among the dancers, Lavelle Smith who will became Michael choreographer. Michael’s friend, Miko Brando also appeared in the video.

  • April:

Michael withdrew from The Jeovah’s Witness.

  • May:

Quincy Jones set up a meeting between Michael & Prince in Los Angeles.

Michael’s first solo world tour is announced to begin next September in Japan.

  • June:

Michael shoots the video of “The Way You Make Me Feel” in Los Angeles directed by Joe Pytka, choreographed by Vincent Paterson and featured Tatiana Thumbtzen & Latoya

  • July 9 :

Michael, Quincy & Bruce completed the mixing of the “Bad” album.

  • July 13:

25 CBS Records executives and representatives were invited to a dinner party at the Hayvenhurst home where they are treated to a preview of the Bad album and the Bad short film.

Epic announced that the Bad album had been completed and would be released on August 31.

  • July 15: Radio 1 premiered “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”, the first single from the Bad Album
  • July 27:

The single “IJCSTLU” was released worldwide without a video.

  • August:

Michael rehearsed for the “Bad” World Tour in Los Angeles .

  • August 25 :

The Bad album was released worldwide.

The Bad video was premiered worldwide in the TV Special “Michael Jackson : The Magic Returns”.

  • September:

The single “Bad” was released.

Michael was on the cover of Ebony magazine.

Michael appeared in a new Pepsi commercial with young actor Jimmy Safechuck.

Michael hired Bob Jones, vice-president of MJJ Productions.

  • September 9:

Michael arrived in Tokyo, Japan with pet chimp Bubbles, Katherine & Joe, LaToya & her manager Jack Gordon, Quincy Jones, Frank Dileo, Karen Faye, Michael Bush, Bill Bray, Wayne Nagin, Donny Osmond.  He stayed at the Capitol Hotel.

  • September 10:

Michael visited Korakuen Amusement Park .

  • September 11:

Michael visited Disneyland Tokyo.

  • September 12/13/14:

Michael began his first ever solo tour at the Tokyo Dome.

  • September 20/21:

Concerts in Osaka. Michael was presented the key to the city by Mayor Oshima at a formal tea ceremony

  • September 25/26/27:

Concert in Yokohama .

Michael dedicated these concerts to the memory of Yoshiaki Ogiwara, a five year old boy who was murdered.

Michael gave an interview to Mollie Mildrew for Australian TV. Mollie had interviewed Michael ten years earlier!

Ebony/Jet showcased an interview of Michael by Darryl Dennard.

  • October 3/4 :

Concerts in Yokohoma.

  • October 10/11/12:

Concerts in Osaka .

Michael was on the cover of People magazine with a hand-written message from Michael.

  • October 13:

Michael returned back home.

  • October 31:

MTV premiered the video of “The Way You Make Me Feel”.

  • November 11:

Michael arrived in Sydney, and takes an onward flight to Melboune.

  • November 12:

Michael visited a children’s hospital in Melbourne .

  • November 13:

Concert in Melbourne .

Michael met a young boy named Brett Barnes.

  • November 20/21:

Concerts in Sydney .

  • November 25/28:

Concerts in Brisbane .

Stevie Wonder & Michael performed “Just Good Friends” live on stage.  Michael met a young boy named Wade Robson.

  • November 30:

Michael returned back home.

  • December:

The single “The Way You Make Me Feel” was released.


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