I love Michael Jackson

Michael’s Early Years – 1972

  • January:

Michael spent time visiting Diana Ross on the set of her movie Lady Sings The Blues

For the third consecutive year, The Jackson 5 received the NAACP’s Image Award for Male Group Of The Year.

  • January 1:

Concert in Nashville, Tennessee

  • January 2:

Concert in Greenville, South Carolina

  • January 12:

The Jackson 5 headlined the first annual Martin Luther King Birthday Commemoration Concert in Atlanta, Georgia

  • January 24:

The album “Got To Be There” was released by Motown.

  • February:

The single “Rockin Robin” was released by Motown.

  • February 12:

Concert in Saint Louis. Missouri

  • March 1:

The Jackson 5 performed “Sugar Daddy”, “Got To Be There” &” Brand New Thing” (with Randy) at the Hellzapoppin’ TV Special.

  • March 16:

Michael is on the cover of Jet Magazine.

  • March 26:

Concert in Shreveport, Louisiana

  • March 27:

Concert in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • March 29:

Concert in Tampa. Florida

  • March 31:

Concert in Jackson, Mississipi

  • April 1:

Concert in Memphis, Tennessee

  • April :

The single “Little Bitty Pretty One” was released by Motown.

  • May:

The single “I Wanna Be Where You Are” was released by Motown.

  • May 17:

The album “Lookin’ Through The Windows” was released by Motown.

  • June:

The single Lookin’ “Through The Windows” was released by Motown.

  • June 3:

Concert at the Madison Square Garden in New York .

  • June 5:

Michael appeared as the bachelor on The Dating Game TV show and chose Latanya Simmons as bachelorette.

  • July:

“Ben”, the theme song for a film of the same name is released by Motown and became number 1.

  • July 1:

Michael made a solo appearance on a special ‘American Bandstand’ show devoted to him. He performed “Rockin Robin”, “Ben”, “I Wanna Be Where You Are” and at the end he’s joined by the Jackson 5 to perform “Lookin’ Through The Windows”.

Concert in Baltimore,  Maryland

  • July 2:

Concert in Norfolk, Virginia

  • July 7:

Concert inI Richmond, Virginia

  • July 8:

Concert in Charlotte, North Carolina

  • July 9:

Concert in Greensboro, North Carolina

  • July 14:

Concert in Cincinnati, Ohio

  • July 15:

Concert in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania

  • July 16:

Concert in Cleveland, Ohio

  • July 18:

Concert in Chicago, Illinois

  • July 21:

Concert in Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • July 22:

Concert in Dallas, Texas

  • July 23:

Concert in Houston, Texas

  • July 24:

Concert in New Orleans, Louisiana

  • July 29-30:

Concerts in Chicago, Illinois

  • August 4:

The album Ben is released by Motown.

Concert in Columbia, North Carolina

  • August 5:

Concert in Atlanta, Georgia

  • August 6:

Concert in Nashville, Tennessee

  • August 11:

Concert in Savannah, Georgia

  • August 12:

Concert in Washington D.C

  • August 13:

Concert in Charleston, West Virginia

  • August 17:

Concert in Louisville, Kentucky

  • August 18:

Concert in Kansas City, Missouri

  • August 19:

Concert in Saint Louis, Missouri

  • August 20:

Concert in Indianapolis, Indiana

  • August 22:

Concert in Sedalia, Missouri

  • August 25:

Concert in San Francisco, California

  • August 26:

Concert in Los Angeles

  • August 27:

Concert in San Diego, California

  • August 29:

Concert in Honolulu, Hawaii.

Michael’s Birthday! He turned 14.

  • August 31:

Michael was on the cover of Jet Magazine.

  • September 15:

The Jackson 5 performed “Lookin’ Through The Windows” and Michael performed “Ben” at the Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour.

  • October:

The single Corner Of The Sky is released by Motown.

  • October 5:

Concert in Chicago ( Illinois )

  • October 26:

The Jackson 5 performed “Ain’t Nothin’ Like The Real Thing” at the Flip Wilson Show.

October 30:

The Jackson5 performed at the Royal Variety Performance gala in London

  • November 1:

The Jackson 5 arrived in London for their first ever tour of Europe .

  • November 2:

Concert in Amsterdam, Netherlands

  • November 4:

The Jackson 5 were special guests on the Soul Train Show where they performed “I Want You Back”, “Lookin’ Through The Windows” & “Corner Of The Sky”. Michael performed “Ben”

Concert in Munich, Germany

  • November 5:

Concert in Frankfurt, Germany.

The Jackson5 appeared on the Royal Variety Performance.

The Jackson5 Show, The J5’s second TV special, aired in the U.S:

  • November 6:

Concert in Paris France  at the Olympia .

  • November 9:

Concert in Birmingham England.

The Jackson5 performed “Lookin’ Through The Windows” & “Rockin Robin” an british TV show Top Of The Pops.

  • November 10:

Concert in Manchester, England

  • November 11:

Concert in Liverpool, England

  • November 12:

Concert in London, England  at Wembley.

  • November 13:

The Jackson 5 returned home.

  • November 18:

The Jackson 5 performed at an NAACP fund-raising dinner in Hollywood

  • December 23:

Michael Jackson appeared at the Watts Christmas parade in Los Angeles .


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